Hi to all,

well after saving for a new Jag XF 3.0D S Premium Lux for nearly a year, I plumped for a new 520D M Sport :-P

Jag gorgeous car in all respects. But then I had to take a F10 out to rule it out, and I ended up buying one.

Build quality in a different league, technology miles ahead and the BMW was the safer option(better MPG, residual etc..)

520D LCI M Sport:

Sport shift auto,

M Sport Plus package,

Professional Media Package,

Advanced Parking Package,

Driving Assistant Plus Package,

Lumbar Support,


Multi Functional Dashboard,

Speed sign reading thingy,

Imperial blue xirallic metallic,

Oyster Dakota seats

And I got a double digit discount too.

I'm toying with the idea of getting mudflaps on it - dealer says can't be done due to M Sport bodykit.

I'm more excited about the BMW than I would have been if I had ordered the Jag.

My first BMW, so very excited and can't wait until 1st March 2014.

I've already started reading the instruction manual, what else can I do to make the time go by quicker?

I've been reading the posts on this excellent forum for a few weeks now, and there are some great posts on here.

Hopefully I will be able to contribute to them too. I will post pics when I get the car.

I will proabably go for the dent and scuff removal package from the dealer.

From what I have read, the paint protection is a rip off. I want that gorgeous new car smell though!

Insurance with the options will be inteersting.