New convert here, just traded my 2002 Seat Toledo V5 for a 1999 528i SE "individual" option. In a nice Avus blue, with deep dish alloys from a 7 series, boot spoiler, and all options bar TV it seems, even the pointless telephone. Will look to add angel eyes shortly, and maybe an M5 rear bumper if lust takes over.

I had an E34 525 years ago, and the wife had an E36 318i coupe, both in NZ, both billy basic with no leather, but still nice. I'd not considered one earlier as since my return to the UK in 2010 insurance seemed prohibitive, but perhaps having had 6 cars in the past 2 years has done something to my insurance rating, but £448 is quite acceptable in London.

Having just done a trip to Cornwall in Toledo, it was too high revving at high motorway speeds, and I missed the poise of a RWD, and as the wife as a Lexus IS 200 sportcross it really got me hankering again, and after much hunting, a BMW 528 was my weapon of choice (though was tempted by a 535i manual, but it was too hard to get to on the other side of London).

Anyway, very happy, and I'll be buzzing in and out of here as time allows.