Hi guys, i'm Scott and i've recently bought a 1994 red BMW E36 316i saloon in red. It's the first bimmer I have owned and will probably be the first of many to be honest because I absolutely love it!

I bought it for £350 off ebay and it has turned out to be a steal, bodywork is very good condition considering its age, the red hasnt faded at all, just a few stone chips and what not here and there. There are a few issues with the car though which i'm in the process of trying to fix. It has a misfire (mainly when the car is cold) i found a cracked HT lead which I replaced, the car seemed to run better for a few days then the misfire returned, I checked for vacuum leaks and cleaned the ICV (car idles like a dream now) still didnt solve the misfire, the backbox had a big hole in it aswell so I took it off the car to try and weld up and it just broke in half in my garage so I just decided to buy a new one, this has improved the misfire a lot, but is still doing it every now and again so i'm thinking it could be the o2 sensor which ill replace when payday comes around! I also think there could be an airlock or the waterpump is faulty because the car will heat up, but as soon as i'm at a stand still idling the heaters go cold, but if i rev the engine warm air comes through, so thats a bit of a mystery at the moment but hopefully once all this is sorted the car will be like new again! I can't complain for £350 to be honest!

I'll get some pics up here at somepoint anyway, thanks for reading through!