ok, a quick hello i bought a 320d first registered sept 2005. It has 111k on the clock and a decent sevice history. 1st off have to say What a car, i had a lexus is200 ( bmw / Audi wanabee ) nice car mpg needed help , but the difference between the 2 to me is like chalk and cheese. the car was seviced 10k miles ago , i had a look at oil and it did seem very black, seemed to be well used so ive just changed the oil and filter today. Instant improvement.

I know the BMW service intervals are quite lengthy so in your guys opinion would you advise in changing the oil / air filter evry 10k.

Next question, would my car have the vortex type breather for the turbo, if it has would it be worth removing and cleaning or do this type look after themselves if you look after the car ( not treat it like niki lauda ).