Hey all. Im new tro BMW ownership and new to the forum, so id thought id start by introducing myself and putting up a few pics of the new motor. Ill keep this thread for any updates too!

So iv had my fair share of cars, mostly VW and Audi. Just sold my 04 Audi A3 and come across the Coupe on the net, i went to see it and couldnt leave it there, love at first sight!

Shes a 2004 04 320cd M sport
Half Suede
Metallic Grey
Standard apart from an Evo Chips remap and drilled and grooved discs all around. The remap will be coming off soon as i think its affecting the economy of the car a fair bit.

As soon as i bought it i noticed on the way home that the car was searching the road a lot. After closer inspection on a friends ramp i needed 2 new rear wishbone bushes, quick trip to BMW to get them, the car drives so much better now!

The only issues i have with it at the moment is the passenger side rear light is suffering from condensation and a few of the LED's have gone out. Looking at previous posts this seems to be a common problem, but im not sure if i should try repairing it or bite the bullet and buy a new unit?