Hi All

This 2008 520d estate is my first BMW ive always had Mercedes e class saloons in the past, reading this forum it looks like i might have bought a potential "pup" its the177bhp LCI n47 engine that seems to be coming in for quite a lot of stick on this forum.

I was wondering if there are any owners out there who have had good experiences with this engine and managed to cover high mileages without too much trouble? mine has now covered 121k and sounds very good, it pulls ok and is silent at motorway speeds everything i expect from this marque. Fuel consumption is a bit low though i am getting around 44mpg on mainly motorway commutes at around 65 to 70 mph my mercedes e270 auto was averaging 50mpg on the same commute.

Had a couple of niggles with the car firstly the injectors started to leak needing new seals, then the exhaust flange connection to the turbo outlet started to leak gases into the car i thought i had fixed it but its started again tonight i think it might have to into Kwik fit, The rear wiper also seized, i managed to drift out the spindle clean it up and cover it copper slip seems ok so far.

On the plus side it eats motorways and is ultra quiet and comfortable like a proper German limo should be