Hi all,

Well this is my first taste of the 'ultimate driving machine' and although I only have a 320d it has not disappointed. I have always been a VW man, been driving them since I passed my test many moons ago, still own a classic, Corrado but just fancied something a little different. At the time I wasn't intending to buy but when I popped down to my local BMW dealership to just ponder and I saw this 320d touring for sale, I thought I'd take it for a spin. The car I had at the time was a Mk5 Golf GTI Edition 30 so driving the 320d was by no means rapid but felt ok. The car itself is a 320d Edition M-Sport, a limited run, so I was told, before the face lift model came out late 08 early 09. This thing was loaded with extras to the point where some of the features I didn't realise existed!!! The build quality and attention to detail was fantastic, this massively cancelled out the lack of performance. The BMW just felt so much better assembled than the Golf, but I guess that's why you pay a little more?

Here she is;

Misc 119.jpg

Misc 121.jpg

Misc 126.jpg

Misc 131.jpg

Misc 136.jpg

Misc 144.jpg

Misc 151.jpg

Planned mods, probably step the rear wheels out 10mm or so and that's all I can think of right now.

Looking forward to using the forum for it's wealth of knowledge and meeting new peeps.