Hey all! new on here so be nice !

I have recently purchased my first bmw being a boston green e36 compact 316. It is very clean for the year 1994 only very minor parking dinks and swirl marks etc.

I payed £540 pound for the car with 11months t&t 4 matching brandnew tires be them budgets all good history etc.

The only bad bit it needs one small repair on the sill hopefully i will find time soon to weld this in.

My past projects include
various civic's (will probably show an appearence on here at some point)
bb8 prelude
volvo v40
mk2f polo coupe

etc etc

since i bought the car around a month ago i havnt managed to tinker much although my ebay account has been taking a pounding, and i have managed to pick up the following

Full leather interior
schnitzer wheels although dont think im keeping them
m3 steering wheel
genuine k&n induction kit
various subtle ice including a good quality headunit and speakers + a harmon kardon drive and play unit
a few bits from the scrappys
yellow fogs
m clears all round

and a few more things i cant think of at the moment

Any way expect a project thread to start within the next week or so as i break up from work monday

Thanks guys!

heres a few pics of the car when i picked it up to be going on with