Morning People!,

I'm completely new to the world of german motors, so forgive me if I ask millions of questions... Traditionally im a jap man (previously owned about a million hondas, some toyotas, a lexus...) Last year I swapped an MR2 for an e46 320ci because I didnt fancy soft top winter driving, and I then aquired a 318Ti with the intention of using it for track days and it seems all of the most relevent and usefull information comes from this forum??

I'm an aircraft engineer from the cambs/suffolk area, generally tend to try to do everything myself although sometimes its just easier to ask someone who knows how!

I Look forward to learning the ways of BMW's and having a bit of change

My first question actually... about my 320ci, i'm convinced its had a shorter ratio diff fitted at some point as it does nearly 4kRpm at 70 and rev limits in 5th at around 120 on a private road... is this normal? The figures quote more like 140? Does anybody know what the standard diff ratio is supposed to be?

Cheers Guys