Scott here, just bought another BMW after the last few years with various Jap cars (GTO TT, Evo 5, Supra TT). Current car is a stock E90 M3 (2008). Will probably be modifying it quite a bit from next year, but will be just doing some cosmetic changes this year. With previous cars I've done had extensive mods done - the GTO was used for drag racing, making ~530bhp, with forged internals, larger turbos, stand-alone ECU, uprated trans, suspension, brakes etc etc. The evo had turbo and ECU/injector upgrades, same with Supra.

I've had BMW's in the past; an E36 320, E46 M3, and 2003 Z4, though I've never modified any of those (aside from a major audio install in the Z4.)

So yeah, that's me!