Hoping to find lots of good advice on the forum, although if the car runs well hopefully I won't be here too often! Here is some info about my car - I'm not very techie...:
2007 BMW X3 M Sport (I think 2.0d would be correct? If anyone could tell me the correct numbers I would gladly put them in my post title)
6 Speed
1995cc Diesel
Chassis no. (I know it but not sure if I should be posting it)
1st registered 24.10.2007

The car came without owners handbook so first job is to track down the right manual. On phone to BMW in Sevenoaks they told me I specifically needed part no. 01 41 0 013 626 (cost £37.60). I've hunted high and low over the internet and not been able to find that specific part number in pdf form. The nearest I've got to it is 01 41 0 013 638. (I also have 01 41 0 012 213 and 01 41 0 012 863 if anyone needs them!). Can anyone help? I'm also keeping an eye out on Ebay but not come across that specific part number yet.

Next question: I'm looking to maybe get a snap in cradle for iPhone 3gs, where do I go online to check what the correct part number is for my specific car? I've Googled around and can't seem to find anywhere reliable. The UK BMW shows parts, but doesn't give the part number. I want to pick up a cheap one on that well known internet auction site (because let's face it, phone is so old they are practically giving the cradles away!)

Perhaps this should have gone in the X3 forum, I wasn't sure, apologies and feel free to move.

Thanks for reading.