Hi all,

I'm a neewbie to this site, just thought I should say Hi

Live in Mid wales, so anyone nearby please feel free to say hi, always good to have contacts nearby incase of advice...

Previous Car History:

BMW 318i Auto
BMW M3 Evo 3.2 (1997)


BMW X5 3.0D Le-Mans Edition (2006)
BMW Z3 2.8 ... only 46k on the clock (1998)

Need Help!!! Please!!!!!!

Been having issues with the Z3, engine would cut out irratically under hard acceleration etc... managed to solve this due to leak on inlet manifold gasket, faulty MAF, new spark plugs, clogged up Vanos, and faulty CAM sensor...

All this work has been done, and the irratic cutting out has now gone, along with the irratic idling and stalling....

Went for MOT, flew through with no issues whatsoever!

However.... when being driven hard, she seems relucant to pull... at lower speeds she pulls smoothly, however, it still feels reluctant to "go"! .... flat out at red line in 3rd just about makes 70 - 75mph... but from then on it is hard work... red line in 4th just about touches 90-95mph!! eventually!!! :(

My initial thoughts headed towards the vanos unit... I suspect it isnt working correctly.. but I may be way off here?
N noticeable power increase above 4.5 - 5k revs either... just seems constant pull all through the rev range. Used to own a prelude 2.2V-tec and you could feel a serious difference once in the power band, but on my Z3 there doesn;t seem to be an change....

Please please please can anyone help???
Any or all advice welcome... just want her running right...

Thanx everyone