Hi guys,

got myself my first BMW last week from a dealership. Its a 57 plate e90 330i M sport auto with the updated 272bhp engine. I decided to take the plunge in owning a BMW after my 1999 Honda accord (bought in 2000) started to take its toll and nearing the end of its life.

Over the years I've heard great things about the NA 6 cylinder BMW engines (high revving silky smooth power ) and the excellent handling abilities of the 'Ultimate Driving Machine.' The only thing that stopped me all these years were the nightmare stories I've heard in repairing and maintaining the bimmer! But I thought what the heck, I only live once, lets go for it!

When I test drove the 330i couple of weeks ago I was amazed by the power (big step from my 4 cylinder 1.8 liter accord!) and its beautifully balanced chassis. It was easy, I was a BMW convert withing minutes of driving one.

A bit on my bmw, it has metallic black paint, black leather seats, heated front seats, professional SATNAV and sun protection glass. I was a annoyed by the fact that it didn't have xeons lights but I got such a good deal on it and it only has around 12,000 miles, it became less of an issue.

I've noticed its really hard to come by an e90 330i, quite a rare car, especially in manual form! Its a shame that because of new government emission regulations we'll see less of the legendary naturally aspirated 6 cylinder petrol's from BMW. I feel truly blessed owning one, finally!
My only doubt is that its an auto, wondering what you guys think of the steptronic?

Posted a pic of my new car