Hi all,

As per the title, I have just brought my first BMW, it's a 335d M sport.
I was first introduced to the three series around one month ago, I received a 330d as a courtesy car as my VX220 got written off after being t-boned in a petrol station.

I pick it up this Saturday and quite frankly I cannot wait to start driving the beast !

I was very through when busying a 335d and I believe this one is all good, full genuine BMW service history (I checked with the garage) and a very clean car with a smooth engine.

After some further research I have realised as with any car there is afew common faults, the one i have read about so far is the red boost pipe which gets covered in oil ! Would BMW change this free of charge on a 2007 model or am I alone ? How much would it cost ?(I'm still to check it but it's bound to need changing)

Any other faults I should look out for ?

Thanks in advance,