Hi, I've been lurking for 4 years, picking up your expertise, it's time to start thanking people and join in. On my 3rd E36, first up was a poverty-spec 320i touring 1995 MY, which I owned for 6 years, until it reached 198000 miles, I bought it 120000 miles. I was bitten. Loved it. Next was a 323i touring, E36 from 1998, with All the toys, which I properly looked after and really enjoyed owning. Sad to sell it, the kids cried to see it go. Now I have a 318is coupe from '97, which is so much lighter, but a little slower than the 323i on a straight line, but handles really well. All manual cars. These are just built really well, and a relative pleasure to DIY, so I do what I can- just swapped the thermostat in the 318is. Hello all!