Hi and thanks for viewing .. I am currently working as Product Genius for Cooper Tunbridges in Kent. I am looking for a new member of my team, someone with a passion for all BMW and a wide knowledge

With the above in mind i really am looking for someone who is wanting to learn and be part of the BEST brand in the world BMW!! Aswell as getting to say you work for BMW you will also get perks like driving ANY BMW you want anytime of the day or night (no joke) and a very decent pay packet too.

I am new to this forum and would be really greatful if any one who is interested and lives close to Tunbridge wells Kent to get in contact if you believe this is YOU!! You are not asked to have all the knowledge in the world, that would be impossible but just to be keen for the brand and want to deliver an amazing customer service everytime to the customer through such things as the test drive, product talks and handing over there new cars

thanks people and feel free to p.m or whatever you want to contact me..

also I LOVE BMW AND DRIFTING so we always have some fun at work....