Hi All

Im on the hunt for a new car currenlty drive a Mitsubishi FTO V6 Mivec but I have been pulled back to the BMWs for some RWD fun

Thing is I have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to which to buy between the 323i, 325i or 328i. Only Coupes as I much prefer them but I tend to get bored of cars rather quickly so tunability is a big thing for me.

After some research I have found out about the M50 Inlet Manifold conversion, BBTB and the usual induction kits and exhausts.

Im just wondering which is most tuneable and which I could see the most from without spending thousands and thousands.

From looking about I gather a 328 with M50 Conversion, BBTB, induction kit, exhaust and remap could be looking about 230/240bhp. Can these figure be gotten from the 325 or even the 323?

It will be a daily drive but I will be attending the occasional drift day as well just incase this makes a difference in which is genereally the best choice.

Thanks for your help guys and sorry for the bit of a Harry Potter stle post haha