I have been on the receiving end of a certain amount of mockery at home having spent most of the last three years on Honest John and Autotrader deciding how to replace my 1.8 Astra automatic, which in fairness was a car that suited me. Having retired I'm down to about 8k miles a year and it's not the end of the world now if my car needs a bit of tlc and the occasional day in dock.
Audi's were dismissed because of DSG, Volvo because they don't do a reasonable sized petrol engine, cheap Mercs seem iffy so it came down to a BMW. I don't need a car with 200 bhp that does 150 so I've ended up with a 52 reg 318 Ci in blue. Only had it for two days but thrilled to bits so far.
Wrong way around but I've booked it in for a local BM specialist to look it over next week, time will tell if there are any problems lurking under the immaculate paintwork.