hi there guys had to join had a lot of bmws never had no probs usually , had 535 to 523 about 20 odds of them , im from bellshill scotland due to be married july have 3 kids jamie becca and tom to my lovely fiancee vicky, recently bought a 528 ise e39, 1997 older car but has had all mtec upgrades including original angel eyes and clear light side and rear, but has a few issues, abs light on, slight miss below 1000 rpm, done plugs still same, got coil coming to try, asc orange triangle on and also brake warning light , ooffft alot to deal with , washed today for the first time and drove off to find passenger wiper doesnt work tightened nut and still doesnt work .. so had to join to find out what i can do to rescue this e39 any help would be very welcome thanks