Hi All

Im considering giving the 1 series to the mrs and buying either a 525d msport or a 520d msport or a merc cls 320 cdi

im really after your information and tips on 520d and 525d - things like average mpgs from actual owners, also a real basic guide on what to look for when buying a bmw diesel im aware of the swirls flaps topic and I think its something I should know more about before buying.

seems like the 520d has better mpg however i suspect i might regret the lack of power?

525d - worth the minimal extra costs per month? - im dismissed the 530d and 535d as being too expensive to run

im a daily commuter 30 mins plus each way and a massive car fan so im all ears to what your advice.

anyhow for the most part im amssive bmw fan and a forum user for years