Hi all,

It appears I signed up to this board in 2009 but never posted, so here goes:

Last month (November 2013) I inherited my father's E46 320d Touring that he's had from new. The car was a very early E46 Touring 320d, bought from Sytner in Leicester. He's given me 2 folders full of receipts for work done and maintenance, with lots of tyres, brakes (front and rear) and coil springs, together with routine servicing.

I got it on 174k miles, and I've down 2.5k in the last month.

It has become apparent that it's got/has had a number of typical problems.

So far I have done the following to it:

Oil and filter (previously last done in Feb' 2013)
Air filter (K&N replacement)
Oil breather kit
Cabin filter
Swapped the broken flexi-exhaust downpipe for a Ecotune de-cat (must of broke ages ago as the car has had an annoying rattle for year!)
New bonnet badge
Cleaned the EGR valve

I've also changed the MAF sensor, though I still have a flat-spot at about 2k.

I still need to:

Change the front brakes (I have vibration under light brake pedal presure)
Fix the parking sensors (done the clicky-test, two don't work).
Fix the driver's seatbelt (doesn't retract)
Staighten up the steering wheel and check wheel alignment
Re-gas the air con
Fix the fuel flap (doesn't unlock and he's also broken the manual release)
Fix rear wash wipe (screenwash runs down one side of the tailgate)
Sort out the radio interference when switching on the rear heated windscreen
Fix the horn (distorts, but works)

Future plans then are:

Refurbish the wheels. I've actually got 8 wheels (BMW style 32 18" IS47) so I'll get the good ones refurbed and keep a spare set.
Lower it.
Sort out a couple of small bits of rust and paintwork.
Add Bluetooth (Denison unit or similar)

It's already got an Alpina splitter on it, the options list was pretty big when he bought it.

I'll post some pics once it's cleaned up.

Any pointers, advise, feedback very gratefully received. I look forward to learning and sharing collective knowledge with you guys.

Thanks and best regards,