Hi All,

Been dipping in here for advice over the years and found you guys a valuable source of information.
Finally made an account in order to join in and get some advice on a particular problem I'm having atm.
Benny's got 211K on the clock now and has served me well over the past 16 years. However, recently it's all started to go a bit pete tong under the hood:

Crank case brether gave up and needed replacing.
Heater valve packed in and had to be replaced.
Developed a rough running problem, diagnosed as the crankshaft postion sensor which was at fault and subsequently replaced.

After 3 days of smooth running after the crankshaft posn sensor replacement, the same symptoms as I had before are back as of today. *facepalm*

Symptoms are very tricky start up from cold. No power under acceleration in 3rd gear and also 4th under 4000rpm. Occasional shudder - sort of like a misfire.

I'm wondering if the same fault is back or it could be something else. Any ideas? Sound familiar?

In anycase I'm thinking about investing in a faultcode reader I have the 20pin connector type under the bonnet.

I've read posts here about the Peake R5 FCX3 tool as being the code-reader of choice for some of you but right now I can only find this from US dealers and its also a taaaad expensive.

I've also managed to track down a company here in Holland where I'm working at the moment who is selling something called a 'B01'. Link as per below:

BMW scanner B01

Its 68Euros which is quite a bit cheaper than the Peake tool if I'm honest but my question is as to whether its as good as the peake tool.

i gather there is a difference between factory code readers such as the Peake and 'generic' fault code readers of which this may or may not be one.

Could you all maybe shed some light on this as I'd love to find out what's goin on with my engine right now?

Thanks and looking forward to replies....