Hi guys,

Kevin here from Cork, Ireland. I'm looking at a 06 318 M Sport at the moment, beautiful car, even put a deposit on it, pending a check on diagnostics.

Currently driving a Mitsubishi FTO, but insurance on it is gone very high, and is actually twice what it would be on the 318, so thinking it might be time to change.

Diagnostics came up with a few codes though, and I've been searching to find the full description, although the short description on a couple doesn't sound great. Want to get the full meaning before I make a decision based on them though in case it's not as it sounds! Codes are
9135 Odometer difference
A0B3 Starter Motor Terminal
A0B5 Road Speed Signal Fault
A0F1 Key Number Invalid
5E3C Yaw Rate Sensor
5E40 Steering Angle Se... Plausible, Offset

Anyone come across these? I'd be particularly concerned about the Odometer difference one but would like to know if its what it sounds like.