Just wanted to say hi as I've just bought a 330d (245) m sport touring!

Coming to BMW after owning a 350z for 5 years (and I dread to think how much I've spent on super unleaded at about 24mpg....) as I wanted some practicality and some cosseting at my age!

I drive from Suffolk to Cornwall about 4 times a year and I also needed a car to tow my motorbike trailer (my other loves being my FireBlade for track days and my KTM motocross bike)

I've always admired BMWs and thought they were 'proper' drivers cars (as opposed to Audis which look great but are a little characterless) and excellent GT cars.

My 350z was great fun at 10/10ths but not great for long journeys because of fuel consumption/tyre roar/no boot space/only 2 seats etc etc.

We also have a bog 520d pool car at work which I drive to Southampton and back once a week and I really like the way it cruises. I also LOVE the cruise control +/- 5mph or +/- 1 mph - why doesn't everyone do it like this?

I test drove an Audi S3 for a day, which was fun, but didn't do anything better than the zed.

Get the BMW on Friday