Hi People,

I have just bought a BMW 123d M sport in Blue which was an ex demo so its crammed full of equipment which is a change from our last car (aygo platinum) and a fair bit quicker! Its mainly used by my partner who drives from Manchester to Warrington every day and can't believe for a car with 200+ bhp it still happily returns 47+mpg even in traffic! I thought the stop/start thing was odd at first but I'm getting use to it now.
I do think the ride with the lowered suspension and run flats is quite harsh although i read that fitting non run flats help quite a bit, it did make a bit difference when i got rid of them on my old cooper s. Changed them for toyo proxie r's.
Think ill give it a few months then get on to P torque and book it in for a remap.
The only issue (me being an idiot probably) is how do set the wipers to intermittent as the rain sensor on automatic is rubbish on normal roads although excellent on motorways? it seems you can either press the stalk down once for one wipe of have them on constant?

I look forward to reading lots more on the site!