Hello all!

I'm Ross, 19 and I live in Stirling.

I currently drive a 1997 Nissan 200SX along with an E36 328i soon to be drift slag.

I've joined to gather some info on the 328 but more importantly my potentially next car... an E46 M3.

I've been into these cars for years and want to have something a bit more refined to drive with plenty of RWD power, I just don't know if the E46 is going to be the car for me?

1. What's the general things to look out for when buying one? What to avoid?
2. What are they like to drive on a daily/regular basis?
3. What's the SMG box? Whats the general opinion, manual>SMG right?
4. I hear the Harmon Kardon speakers aren't great, is this true?
5. Can I get parts like a fiberglass bootlid/spoiler in CSL style? And diffusers?
6. What wheel fitment do they take for almost flush?

Here's a picture of the 200 -

7e by Ross Callaghan, on Flickr

I have none of the 328 as its pretty crap