Just arrived to the forum, I just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the useful information. I bought my E36 a couple of months ago and I have found tons of information if forums like this one and its american cousin. That's helping me to get all the best from my vert.
The car had some things to be fixed when I tested it; even so, I decided to buy it. I started changing a wheel bearing that was too loud. The next step has been repairing the soft top: one of the motors was broken and the control unit was not initialized. I have managed to fix both of those issues and now my full automatic top is working. I still have to do some adjustments to the soft top mechanism but I think I'll finally get it running smoothly.
I changed the steering wheel, the one that came with the car had the leather torn apart. There are still some interior details, bodywork dents and little things like that to be solved, but I'm enjoying it!.
I'm not new to BMWs. My first car was an '84 E21 323i, bought 2nd hand to a dealer; with an unknown number of kms/miles but a lot of power still on her heart. 143 HP and the 5 speed sports gearbox (dogleg: 1st was left, down), she was really a beast! Many, many times I've regretted to have sold it, but economy and practicality were first priorities at that time. Now I can afford to have a new toy and I've treated myself with this nice E36 convertible. The M52B28 engine is a sweet beast too.
So I hope to enjoy the forum and lend a hand whenever possible!