Hi All,

I have decided to join this forum because it has helped me a lot. I live in Quebec Canada and yes it's winter... the past 2 days was -32 degrees and I was so surprised with what happened to me and never thought that I would have this problem. Let me explain .. I am writing because it can happen to anyone and if it does at least you will have this to help. Last Thursday morning my gas tank BMW X3 2006 was almost empty. I went in the morning to gas it up half a tank. Car was working fine. Got to work and then parked the car outside for 8 hours. As soon as I got off work I tried to start the car nothing :( tried to boost it nothing :( kept on trying to boost the car on Friday nothing. Placed a new battery nothing :( I was discourage, then I told myself my gas cant be frozen I have half a tank but when I tried to start the car I wasn't getting gas smell and I knew my starter was working. I didn't take the chance I put in antifreeze for gas in the gas tank. I waited 2 hours and then started the car. It worked ! I have learned that with temperatures of -32 degrees it is never good to leave the gas tank almost empty. Hope this helps someone someday Cheers for now

Miss K