Hi ladies and gentleman, just wanted to warn you about a bad experiance I recently come across when a customer of ours bought some parts from a certain BMW breakers in lymington, Hampshire off of ebay!
I am the manager of Wilpower Motorsport and we deal with general garage work and BMW conversions and breaking, After a customer had a rear end crash at mallory park and asked us to fix his car, I said to him you source parts we didint have and we will fix car no problem.
He searched on ebay and found a M3 Evo vert breaking so rung the guy and went and paid £260 for a subframe and driveshafts from M3 Evo vert, one of our mechanics fitted this up and once fitted with diff etc noticed there was a lot of play in one drive shaft so I said strip gaiters off and check ends, after stripping gaiters off this is what was reveled!!!
The shafts spun fine when on floor as they were not under tension, soon as bolted up problem was soon noticed!
I contacted the guy and he wasint interested so please guys and girls be careful as I myself have now had to send off shafts to be fixed and my customer is out of pocket!
The funny thing was guy said ive tested parts and all work fine, when we bolted up rear end the shaft couldnt even be turned!!!!

Regards Reggie Wilpower Motorsports

Just posted in projects 3 series of a E36 316 we are currently building.