Hi, it's me muddymarcus, who you might say??? Marcus is my name and I get mucky thats my game.
After ownership of more cars than I can remember I have for the past couple of years had the pleasure of ownership of a 1998 e39 523i SE Touring. This car is probably the best estate car that will ever be built. I so love the how easy stuff is to service, everything comes apart so nicely with the right tools.
The e39 tows my caravan harder and faster than bully boy pickups and Range Rovers and talking of performance she really fly's but always reasonable on fuel, such a beautifully built perfect car.....well for me anyway.
As with anything mechanical stuff wears out and with 175000 miles behind her bits are up for replacement, the VANOS seals are close to the top of the list but the rear subframe bushes are shot to pieces, oh joy!
I hope to feed from the form and hope to offer some experiences and tips in return