I am posting as Hart 420 R,named after the famous (sure you all know) formula 2 racing engine,from the 1970s 2litre BDA 300bhp!! phew yep really,and normally aspirated. Brian Hart an engine guru who was responsible with a guy from Cosworth for the Ford BDA rally engine,developed it and also Senna had one of his lumps in his very first Formula 1 car.

Why this name ,well my dad and Harts dad had a big car business after WW2 IN 1950s/60s,and BRIAN HART was himself a racing driver in the 60s,for Lotus and drove sometimes with Jim Clark,one of the all time greats.the firm had loads of contact with BMW via Paul Rosche their engine Guru who guys designed all the engines we love in M series cars,

There you have it i am an M series fan.Pleased to meet you all

regards HART 420 R