I have just joined to have a look around the site as i am trying to find out if my car if behaving normally compare to other 330's.

I purchased an 03 330 clubsport back in April and after a couple of weeks (and 600 miles) the oil fill light came on. (I had checked the fluid before I went away for the weekend at it was at max level).

I topped it up and spoke to the BMW specilast I use.
They suggusted the CVV could need replacing as this was the usual soruce of oil consumption.
I had the CVV replaced as advised, but the car is still using 1 litre every ~ 1000 miles.

Is this normal for E46 330's?

I have had both an E30 325 and and E36 323 before this one and neither of these used any oil between services.

I have had the car checked for leaks and there isn't any.
In addition, there is no smoke i can see when driving or when at idle.
Therefore, I cant really understand why the oil is being used or where it is going, and i'm concerned i could have brought a pup.

Consequently, any advice on what it could be or reassurance that this is normal would be great!