Hi all!

My name's Russell, but just call me Russ', it's easier :P
As per the title i'm currently living in Carmarthen (SA31), and work in a local call center - glamorous, i know

Drive a '96 328i Tourer, my first BM!
Bought it off a friend for about 750 quid, mod's so far include a pair of Bilstein shock absorbers on the back, 17" staggered fit alpinas (245/40 17 on the back, 225/40 17 on the front....i think) and I've polybushed the back bush on the lower arms
I've kind of got a love/hate relationship with the tourer at the moment, the last few owners seem to have been less than enthusiastic with servicing and maintenance, so my wallet is crying almost constantly.

Got a question to ask everyone, but i'll find the proper section for that next
will be spending a few days logged on here, reading all the DIY guides, taking the forum all in etc etc
would like to attend some meetings if there are any within reasonable traveling distance.

That's all from me for now I think