Hi all from OZ , an avid bmw fan here ,I have a very tidy e46 318i executive with 18" 335i M sport rims and Pirelli's as my daily driver, love it around corners , also have a tidy '97 E39 528i with a dead engine , Also a '99 touring with twin vanos that will be the heart transplant for the sedan
I'm pre empting I will need some assistance here lol, I've scoured the internet for days and cannot for the life of me find any useful information about this conversion other than its not easy , I understand all the things I've read , my question is can I put the loom and ecu off the single vanos on the twin and not run the exhaust vanos will the engine still run ? I understand I may have to post this elsewhere but thought I'd introduce myself first
So hi all and thanks in advance for my ignorance
Regards ken