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    Welcome along mate.

    You're not really comparing like with like mate - you can't expect a big diesel estate to feel like a tuned hot hatch. There will be obvious differences in the charachter of the cars, the 535d is a very competant machine though, and as you need an estate a good compromise, mapped it will be putting out far more torque than the s3 and in the mid range at least should be as quick.

    If you want to compare like with like the baby BM is the 1M coupe - that is a full second faster to 60 than an s3 at 4.7 seconds and runs circa 340bhp standard, with two turbos it also has massive tuning potential. SO I guess if you want a fair comparison then drive a tuned one of those.

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    Thanks for the welcome

    Yeah as I said it isn't like for like and i completely appreciate that.... i just highly doubt this car will match the mapped S3, torque or not - check out mapped quarter miles etc and you'll see a big difference. I also had a play with a Type R only last week and only just pulled one length on him mid range. Ok you can argue that i'm not currently mapped, but my S3 beat these as standard, mapped it was laughable. Another example, I have a test road (private obviously!) which is up hill, you can get a run off the roundabout at about 20-30mph.... my old S3 mapped used to get under the bridge at the top clocking 96mph, this is currently about 90mph with a slight boost leak...the new S3 was closer to 108mph - it's just a different league.

    I see what your saying with the 1M, however that particular car is aimed at the RS3 if your going like for like - Plus it isn't a 535D engine which is what we're talking about here.

    I'm not looking to argue, I just know how capable my S3 was and can pretty much guarantee that a 6.6 second 535D, mapped, will not reduce it to a sub 5 second car.... The mid range argument could be had, but your immediately screwed with the crap auto box in the 535D - once this car decides to go, you've already lost I've not even covered power to weight....

    This isn't to say i dont like the E61, the other option was the A6 which just wasn't as well eqiupped - therefore this was the better option. I just have extensive experience in both in terms of pace, ok less in this, but all signs are currently pointing at this being a slower car, which is expected given its size.
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