hi guys. havent been on the forum for a while hence the lack of replies.

thanks for all the advice/comments. ive done a few more things to the car recently, ill get some more pics up later on if i can.

Cleaned out and detailed the engine bay. Cleaned it all and then picked out some details in red, i think it looks a lot better now, not so neglected.
I meshed over the lower grille on the front bumper, with black mesh, looks nicer now, gives the front a slightly more modern look i think. Also put 2 vinyl white pinstripes down the bonnet, allong each ridge of the raised part.
Debadged the back, took the 316i badge off, back looks a lot cleaner now, smoother lines. Luckily managed to get rid of all the marks so it looks perfect.

Ill try and get some pics up later on.
Some more advice needed. Im getting closer to lowering the car, money is the only real issue. What are your thoughts on just changing the springs. I was thinking Gmax springs which will lower the car 40mm, but would this be a good idea? ie not changing the shocks, at least not at first?any advice would be good, ive never lowered a car before so i'm not sure what will work.

Cheers guys.