Good evening people,

I am on the hunt now for a replacement for my car, I am looking at a return to BMW after a long absence (as I have been a BMW V12 owner in 750i E32 750i e38 728i e38 but recently through the worst of the recession moved to some more mundane transport.

I am now considering either a 320d M-Sport circa 2010 or 520d (SE business edition planned) of a similar age, in e60 gen.

I am trying to get a heads up on reliability as I will cover 30K per year and plan to run the car 4 years so if it has any major mechanical issues that an improved maintenance regime cannot overcome I want to know in advance.

I am fairly handy do mostly my own servicing and fluid changes and have no real nerves about tackling jobs, so hope that one of these cars will be right for me.