Hey Everyone,

My name is Suraj and I am interested in an E36 328i (want an E36 M3, but insurance is loads as I am 24).

I currently drive a S14a 200sx, which is a weekend / some track days (been Nurburgring twice in it).

I've not had it long, but I am more of a Naturally Aspirated car lover really, it's a lovely car with all the mods I have done, but looking to get a 328i and strip it out, KW V3's, buckets and sticky tyres (cage too when funds allow).

I have a few questions about them which if anyone can help me with I would really appreciate.

* Do all 328i's come with LSD's or is it only Sports?

* If I did go KW V3's what ARB's are a good match? Would E36 M3 ones be a good upgrade, or better off going for some uprated ones?

* Is there a kind of "guide" for buying E36's or specifically the 328i to help when I view them please? Or if not common faults etc?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the comments.