I'm a returning member I've had a 325 ci, a 330 cic, an e46 m3 and now after having my son I'm back after 1.5 years with a 320ci. Just thought I would say hello and share my story. I bought the 320 for 1000£ off a mate off to afghan, it had eml on brake sensor light on, abs on, ASc on, wobble noise from front left wheel, clunking noise from underneath, snapped link arm, heater not blowing, filthy with 154000 on the clock. So I took a major gamble with it. Now I've fixed the majority myself and hopefully I can help someone thinking what is that noise or why is that not working. Wobble noise was a dodgy worn tyre, eml was maf sensor code got it reset for free changed the air filter light stayed off, clunk noise is the. Brakes in the calliper. Heater was the resistor, brake sensor cable snapped so I replaced that and abs / asc light was an abs sensor. Changed the link arm was a bugger, and degunged it. Well there you have it in a snapshot.