Forgive me forum for I have sinned.

It has been 10 years since my last BMW and boy have I missed them.

My last BMW was a stately 525 with all the bells and whistles, I loved it, unfortunately rising fuel bills and a daily commute of 70 miles meant I had to go for something a little less thirsty and so began my slide into boring cars with higher mpg than horsepower, after a couple of vehicles I got a job with a company car and spent the last 6 years being told which cars I could have, new job last year and a little bit of effort means I now have a 100k miles 53 plate 330d saloon sitting on my drive yearning for the TLC of someone who loves her.

First jobs, remove the godawful nokia car kit antenna and wiring, replace all the speakers and the head unit, which by the way are still standard in a car with nothing but the standard radio cassette and sort out the swirl flap blanking plates.