Hi everyone. last week i drove for the first time ever and bought my very first BMW, its only taken me 37 driving years. what the hell have i been doing? Its a 2002 320i SE Touring, she has done a lot of miles 146,000 but with full service history last one at 139,000 and reams of paperwork to go with it. I had used this forum well before hand to do some research so i wasn't worried about that. I cant tell you enough what a fantastic car she is and am boring my famliy and mates to death about her, shes Sapphire black and just looks so good sitting on the road standing still and pulls great and gets down the road so smooth, its a real pleasure to drive. she needs a couple of things doing im having 2 new front wings fitted i a weeks time, and next spring i want to refurb the wheels but thats about it so far, fingers crossed problems will be small ones.
Have been enjoying reading the posts on here. so thanks in advance for any help needed.
Cheers Dave.