Hi all

I am new to BMW having recently sold a mk2 focus RS; long story re getting rid, but thats another story...

Anyway, I am close to putting down a deposit on a 2005 BMW 330ci clubsport, 58,000 miles, dealer says its pristine, but i will take that with a pinch of salt?

Its blue, manual, and it looks good, and basically i just wondering how much it is worth? It is up for 7500, and i will part ex a ford ka worth approx 1500.

Is it worth me trying to get money off? say offer 7200? Or does it seem a fair price?

Also, i dont actually like the clubsport wheels, which may be contravertial i know, but if i were to sell them privately in order to get some csl replicas, how much would they be worth? Do any alloy wheel dealers offer trade in/part ex?

Thanks for any help, advice or opinions!



Ps good forum, I'm enjoying the reading!