Hi guys, thought it polite to use the introductions forum.

Just got myself a totally standard 52 plate 318i SE, wanted something nice to drive, family oriented, simple and straight forward, so far nothing but good things to say about it. Been into cars since I learned to drive and had a variety of stuff from my first car a 1.4 mk4 Escort XR3i replica, through a Rover 214 SEi, Rover Coupe Turbo (stripped out to 1050 kg and 331 bhp, 381 with the nitrous on, by the time I sold it) , Imported 295 bhp 2 door Impreza Type R, Mk4 Golf GT Tdi, Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, then I decided to stop spending all my pennies on cars and got a £500 Vauxhall Calibra, with a 1 year old it was no use though and enter the BMW. Been a long time since I went racing at a track or drag strip but still love my cars so looking to get some fun while still being sensible with this one. If it turns out well and I continue to like it I might go for a more powerful one down the line etc. For now my wife still has her 400 bhp Volvo for playtime, not that it gets out much these days.

Thats about it I reckon.