Hi guys, as it says I've just picked up an E39 528 SE touring (pics to follow). Its my 1st venture into the 5 series, I've had a couple of E30's in the past and had some great times with them but this time I thought I'd go for something a little bigger and a little newer. . . It has a few niggles (haven't they all !) that I googled and thats how I came across your great site here :-)

It looks like I've found a couple of answers already, the speedos not working so thats probably gonna be the N/S/R sensor, and the damp issue could possible be a lake in the pollen filter housing ? ? ? . . . I've got a few hours free on Wednesday to have a better look at whats going on so I'll report back when I can !

I hope to get it all sorted out and enjoy the car as it should be