Hello everyone, I'm Phil, and am new to the Bimmerforum. I own a carbon black BMW 525d M-Sport saloon on a 54 plate, with just over 70k on the clock. Had it almost exactly a year now, and absolutely love it. Easily the best car I've ever owned, and *touch wood* runs like an absolute dream, having put almost 18k on it since I got it! Previously had an old topaz blue E46 323ci which, although a lovely looking motor, had quite high mileage (150k) and in the end, the gearbox went on it. I look forward to racking people's brains when I figure out what I'm going to do to my motor next. Cosmetically, I think I've done everything I want to without going over the top, but I am hoping to slightly improve the economy and performance. Not a huge amount, as the car pulls pretty nicely (177bhp I think), but on a mixed run am getting about 35-38 mpg, which is a little disappointing if I'm honest. I've done a fair bit of looking around at the options, so am toying with the idea of a tuning box at the moment. Any ideas? Thanks, Phil.

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