Hi guys, sort of proud owner of a 1999 E36 compact (m43b19)

This is the second compact ive owned, the first was an m43b16, and that one ended horribly :P IMG_1233.jpgIMG_1231.jpgIMG_1244.jpg

I've only had a licence since september, bought that car in november, and did that the week before christmas (it was a merry one after that)
I was unhurt, as it was a pathetic roll, and i maintain the car just fell over :)

This didn't put me off, (even though i'd just had to spend £300 to get it through its mot) and carried on paying my £197 pm insurance and saved for another one, which came in the form of another compact, in titan silver with the bigger 1895cc version of the m43 078.jpg came with a very good condition full leather interior, 12m MOT and 6 months tax (gotta renew today :( ) and 126k on the clock.

everything was running fine until my drivers side window dropped down (still to fix that) and i took her for a run on the motorway. i pulled up and it was idling horribly, and ovetrheating, 3k later i finally get it looked at, replaced maf (still idles funny intermittently, but im hoping thats the induction kit which i'll be rid of soon)

my friend, an ex bmw mechanic and i tried to remove pump, but couldnt get it out, turns out we'd broke the bolts so had to get them drilled out (£££) then found out the thermostat had gone too, so after that was replced all was running well... until the steering rack went and i ran into a bird which cracked my off side headlight. a new rack and angel eye replacements later 396042_4319621189921_1518970709_n.jpg i buy some carbon badges, paint my kidneys black and get some carbon centre caps slapped in i find its still losing a LOT of fluid (a 500ml bottle a week) so when i have a service done i get the resevoir changed as that was leaking along with a brake caliper because i get a horrible rotation squealing sometimes (still there)

It's still leaking fluid, turns out the hose from the pump to the rack is leaking, and i can't find any breakers that have any and i really begrudge paying £140 from bmw for one, but im gouing through a resevoir every two days now and its becoming a nightmare for car parks and girlfriends mothers drive. ;)

oh yeah my radiator went too, i forgot about that.

so since feburary ive bought
2x maf's
water pump
service kit inc oil change
steering rack
tie rod's
random hose
angel eyes
tyres (225/55 r15 rear and 185/55 r15 front, stance!)
window clips (yet to be fitted)
exhaust (forgot about this, snapped at back box so needed new cat back)
carbon wrap covered bootlid handle
mtec dusties
sun visor (glass cracked)
mtec gear nob (from a breakers, horrible condition but better than the horrible chrome thing it came with)
wingmirror cap (some **** stole mine)
and probably more bits i cant even remember now

good points, i LOVE my bimmer and really want it to stay, but the more that goes wrong with it the more i look at vtec (dont judge me, look at what ive had to go through) the engine is stil solid as a rock and not shown one sign of dying in the 9k ive done in it, even in the 3k period with no idle cooling.

so hey. i'm Brad glad to finally contribute and not just google the hell out of this excellent forum for advice like i have donwe since i got the car. i knew nothing before i read countless posts on here.

anyone got a p.a.s pressure hose lying around? ;)