Hey from Portsmouth!

I bought my first bmw not too long ago so thought I'd get involved in the forums!

I paid £1500 for my 2003 320td compact which is a pretty decent bargain if you ask me! Only downside is that it's been to the moon and back lol a whole 215k miles worth! But was told it's motorway miles plus has FSH and receipts from day one. Even shows that some poor sod this year paid around 2k for new dmf n clutch and 4 new injectors!

the bimmer.jpg

So far i am loving it! It's my 14th car in 7 years and easily one of the best cars I've owned.

My plans are to go down and out plus a decent remap etc etc

But still it has it's problems and being a mechanic, I'm slowly getting through them. Atm When on boost it's shaking like a shitting dog so replacing bushes atm. Remap on hold haha