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  1. Hello there! newbie and a few questions 
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    Hi there,

    I'm about to pull the trigger on an 07 335d msport almost fully loaded with satnav, audio pack etc etc. The car has full BMWSH all of its life and one previous owner and covered 89k. I dont know a great deal though just what I've read. I have bought the optional indicator pack!

    I'm a newbie and appreciate folk getting sick of repetitive questions, I've had a good look on here and read about various issues but just wanting clarification/confirmation if you may, so apologies for the questions just don't want to buy a lemon! and be clued up!. I'm generally mechanical sympathetic always have been.I found the car quick but not devastating quick its probably because I'm used to lightweight tuned turbo cars but buying the 335d for different reasons.


    1. I've read about a remap and DPF delete, swirl flap removal and EGR shutoff via software, I'm looking for longevity since this is the most money I've spent on a car (i do have a buffer of money for issues etc), is removing the DPF a good thing and will it yield any more power above a remap? (if so how much?). I dont want the swirl flaps failing and destroying the engine nor do i want constant EGR/DPF failure/issues once its removed, are the cars fine with the above done and generally more reliable?

    2. I read about MPG and other issues that the EGR thermostat and thermostat should be replaced?, when? and what is an indication they need done? i read the heater not being blistering hot is a sign?

    3. Gunk/oil caking does worry me in the intakes etc, if the intake manifold is taken off can it be cleaned/removed If getting the above done e.g swirl flap, does that improve mpg or power etc?

    4. I seen signs of slight oil gunk around what looked like on a sort of canister reservoir in the bonnet it has a star shaped cap on and black casing, what's this and is it a case for concern? the engine bay was generally dirty.

    5. I read a temperature gauge present on the rev dial towards the 5-5500rpm mark what is this and it should read a certain value?

    6. How much would a DPF removal, and remap cost i hear ecotune are good?

    7. I also read something about a red boost hoses and other hoses that should be covered in oil i couldn't see them in the engine bay?

    8. Is the hidden menu any use for me when looking at buying the car?

    Apologies for the excessive questions.

    Any of helpful info appreciated!


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    May be worth noting that as of next month removing a DPF will be an MOT failure, not only that but it will be classed as an illegal modification, seeing as though you are spending a large chunk of cash on a car, you have to ask yourself is it worth the risk of your insurance being void?

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