I just like to introduce myself i am Robert i am living in S,Ireland and i recently bought my first diesel car ever which is E46 320D with M47 136BHP, previously i owned few E39's, E34's, E36's usually bought them in bad conditions and i chalenge myself to transform them to a something better, my favorite for best driving experiences was my E34 525i with good old M50 engine, but then again i can't stop thinking of my bellowed E39 523i this car was so comfortable it was always pleasure to drive, again i am starting from the scratch with this M47, there is lot of work, i already fit decat bypass, fit vortex filter which had to be modified to fit, remapped to 165bhp 330nm which make me happier, but still lot of work to do soon as i make some nice pics i will show them up, right now it's ugly farn green duckling waiting to be saved...otherwise this forum is great, i registered myself back in 2009 but i never used since then, until now when i am trying find answer to a diesel management, i'm not new to a engine works,

here is my M52 head on dining table (lol, wife said that she never forget this) i was working on blown head gasket preparing head for headmaster for skimming


here is stripped


here is finished after skimming


i love BMW engines i always first trying to make a good engine then rest of the car, but this time with diesel i am not sure where to start and convince myself to start with serious engine works, i was inspired bit by "dead valentine" bimmerforum member and his hybrid turbo thread, so maybe i start from there, will see, anyway thank you to everyone for your help and advice and will let you know how my M47 project goes....