Hi everyone, Iím Carl from Somerset

I bought myself a 2005 e46 330cd sport in December after putting my A3 backwards through a hedge on a country lane. So far I really love the car and it puts smile on my face every time I drive it. I took it to Santa Pod for USC and managed to get a time of 15.211 which was much better than I was expecting as it was my first time on a drag strip.

Made the first change on my car last night. Took the chrome effect kidney grills off and spent the best part of 5 hours painting them black. By the time I finished it was pitch black so I couldnít take a photo, but this is what was waiting for me when I left for work today.


It looks much better with a black grill!

My next plan is to get a new clear front lens/cover for the n/s fog light as itís cracked, and a new black surround to go around it. Then perhaps a remap?

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi! Iím sure Iíll be pestering you all for help when I screw something up and need to fix it